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Wood carver

Traditional art, woodcarving is practiced since the dawn of time. Since the origin, man continues to carve images, to create and to decorate objects from wood. If they obey to utilitarian purposes, craft or aesthetic, these wooden sculptures can be completed within a religious purpose ; they are carriers of meaning and they help to raise the gaze of man. Christian art, for example, has used the potentialities and wealths of woodcarving to express the mysteries of tradition.

How to learn woodcarving : woodcarving session.

  1. 5 days of training
  2. To learn the techniques of woodcarving
  3. To deepen the art of wood carving
  4. Consult the program woodcarving trainings

The works of Philippe Peneaud, wood sculptor, are inscribed in continuation of those of Christian sculptors who seek, as in Carolingian art, Byzantine, Romanesque, to show the transfer of light in the matter, to celebrate in the wood and in the color, the presence of the invisible in the heart of the visible.

The pages of this site are held in several chapters. The first is devoted to the sculptor himself and his approach of woodcarving.

arbre de vie sculpté dans du poirierange seraphin en bois de tilleul statue de trois anges en bois sculpté
Three sculptures created by the wood carver, a tree of life scaled by rodents and birds, then a seraphine angel with six wings and finally a statuette representing three angels..

The gallery

The second big chapter is the gallery. You will discover a multitude of wood carvings, in relief or in three dimensions that should arouse your contemplation, angels- archangels, cherubim and seraphim - the tree of life, Christ in majesty, Christ on the cross, the Virgin in majesty - the Throne of Wisdom - the carved icon of the Trinity with its three angels, high reliefs with the Vigil at the tomb, the Adoration of the Magi, the flight into Egypt, statues of the Nativity with the Mother of God, Joseph, the shepherds, the Magi...

Une stagiaire dans la joie Les gouges sont prêtées à ceux qui n'en possèdent pas Durant un stage, une personne devant son établi Un participant au stage de sculpture
Four participants in the woodcarving workshop

The course of woodcarving

How to learn woodcarving

To learn woodcarving : 5 days of training. To learn the techniques of wood carving, to deepen the art of wood carving : Consult the program "Woodcarving trainings" Perhaps this visit will wake up the sculptor who sleeps in yourself ! Maybe you will desire to go further and to experiment a course of woodcarving ! To this end, it's very easy ! To learn about woodcarving and the technics of sculpture... To know about the different stages in woodcarving... it is very easy ! The sculptor runs a regular woodcarving course for all levels, even real beginners. The teaching of this course of woodcarving is progressive and adapted to each person...

Quatre stagiaires en train de travailler à leur établi
Each participant receives a personal workbench and gouges adapted to his work

Tools, gouges for woodcarving

You will find in another chapter all the resources to start carving : toolsof the woodcarver's workshop, clamps and presses, hammers and mallets, sharpening, wood for carving, and of course the gouges for woodcarving,


This book represents a well-informed and thorough investigation in the footsteps of Four Living Creatures, also called The Tetramorph. Extracts and photographs of the book by Philippe Péneaud are also presented in these pages.

"This study examines in depth a topic rich and suggestive. It was conducted in a spirit and in a way that are dear to me because it seems suited for modern research in the field of Christian iconology. To the delight of the reader, this book, is written in a clear and precise theological language, far from any nebulae and falsely "mystical" formulations ... However, the book does not lack poetic passages, gently lit - even illuminated - by the faith of the author ... The author demonstrates the continuity of the theophanic meaning of the representation of the four living creatures and its omnipresence in all the different iconographic traditions of the Christian world ... "

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